No Sweat Dry Grip

Whatever your sport, perform at your best!

A multi-purpose grip aid designed, tried and tested to support Pole Dancers, Aerialists, Weight Lifters, Golfers, Gymnasts, Bowlers, Footballers, Baseballers, Tennis Players, Basketballers and so much more. 


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I've tried almost every grip aid under the sun, and I keep going back to this.

Alinta Woulfe, Owner/Instructor at Wolfire Pole

I love No Sweat! It's my new favourite grip. Many of my students are converts too.

Joanna Littlewood-Johnson, Director at Core Fusion Pilates & Pole

My students are absolutely loving it! I prefer it 100% over any other grip.

Hayley Beare, Director/Instructor at Pole Angels